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Dance Arts Development Center

"Where BIG Dreams Begin Little" 

Safety Guidelines and Procedures

  • Please be on time for classes.

  • Students 7 & over must be dropped off at the front door. A staff member will meet you to escort you to your class or camp.
  • Students 6 & under may have a parent/custodian enter & stay with them for their class.
  • Parents must stay in the lobby area only, for children 6 & under.
  • The lobby will be standing room only, using social distancing.
  • Anyone age 2 & over entering the building needs to wear a mask/face covering and keep it on at all times while in the building.
  • Dancers must wear a mask with a lanyard upon entering and keep it on until they are in their marked spot apart from others. The Instructor will advise when they can remove it if they need to take a break or when dancing apart. The dancers must wear a mask when exiting the dance room until they leave the building.
  • Instructors will be wearing a mask as well as all officer personal all of the time.
  • Anyone entering the studio must sanitize their hands at our sanitizing station. You may also bring your own and use it upon entering.
  • Anyone entering the studio must take their temperature at our touchless thermometer mounted on our wall. You can hold up your wrist or hand.
  • Studio A & Studio B will have a one-way ENTRANCE & a one-way EXIT door. The doors closest to the lobby will be used to ENTER the classrooms. The doors closest to the bathrooms will be used to EXIT the classrooms.
  • Dancers must walk into the studio DRESSED for class and ready to go. No changing allowed. THE DRESSING ROOM WILL BE CLOSED OFF until further notice.
  • Dancers will place their belongings/dance bag around the perimeter of the dance studio room. There will be spots marked on the floor keeping belongs separated.
  • BRING YOUR OWN LABELED WATER BOTTLE. No sharing of water bottles, phones or any other belongings allowed.
  • Limit your belongings brought into the studio. Make sure everything is labeled with your name on it.
  • Once in the dance room, dancers will be brought to their marked spot on the studio floor which they will remain in for the duration of their class or clinic.
  • We will take scheduled water breaks, quick ones.
  • If a child needs to use the bathroom, they must wash their hands before returning to class.
  • There will be no use of the ballet barres at this time until further notice. All dance programs will be executed using center work.
  • In the case where mats need to be used, individual mats will be put down and not shared.
  • Mats will be wiped down after each class, and steam mopped overnight. For tumbling, we are focusing on individual mat use only. If ROOM B is open, we will set up a longer mat to use 1 on 1 with the Instructor for tumble passages. Children & Instructor will sanitize hands before and after each child’s turn.
  • If an Instructor comes in contact with a dancer during class or clinic, they will sanitize their hands immediately.
  • Instructors will be required to wash their hands in between classes. D.A.D.C. has its own staff bathroom and a bathroom separate for customers.
  • Class sizes will be limited.
  • High-efficiency Medical Grade H13 filters have been placed in each dance room.
  • We will provide tissues and trash receptacles in various places.
  • Sanitizer will be available in both dance rooms.
  • Students will pack up and get ready to be dismissed toward the end of their class or clinic so we can exit in an organized manner. They will stand with their belongings and will be guided out by our office manager or studio Director one at a time, where they must stop at our sanitizing station and sanitize their hands upon exiting.
  • Disinfecting of dance rooms, bathrooms and surfaces in between classes using nontoxic surface EPA and OSHA approved chemicals will be done.
  • Nightly or early morning deep cleaning with be done as well as in between any camp or clinic.
  • Weekly scheduled cleaning will be done by a professional service.
  • Please call us if you will be arriving late to class, arriving late to pick up, or need to leave early, so we are aware & prepared.
  • If you are carpooling, please notify the studio either via email, phone call or written and signed note.
  • Anyone feeling ill must STAY HOME! We have a very flexible and giving make up policy. If you had a virus or fever, just like school, stay home for 48 hours until you return to the dance studio. This applies to all staff members and a substitute teacher will Instruct class or we will provide a make-up class.
  • Important safety signs are up in the bathroom and in the lobby area.
  • If a student is identified as ill, a parent will be called to immediately pick up the student. We will keep them isolated away from other students with closable doors until the student can be picked up.


  • Use respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Maintain good hygiene and keeping hands out of the mouth and off your face.